Whiskers on mittens and warm woollen kittens

Still no writing, but I did do some planning on my interactive fiction idea. I forgot to mention that having an interest and background in interactive fiction and MUDs has given me a valuable tool in terms of writing. Both, being text based computer mediums, usually require you to be very concise with what you do in terms of description. You can’t waffle.

I shall have to toss up some choice examples of IF. I also need to post the number 1 on my Top 5 list for the year on fiction. Never fear. I’ll get to it before the end of the year.

Tomorrow is another day of work, two before I take my Christmas Day break. Today is the start of the I Can’t Believe It’s Not Fiction challenge. I’m not writing today, but given I have three days to bang out 3k, I will be able to tackle that easily in the next two days, before work. I tell myself that I can afford a little laziness at this time of the year.


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