Day two, bah

Merry Christmas and all that. This is bringing back traumatic flashbacks of when we had to go two weeks without a phone. And I had to adjust my patterns of operation so that I could check my email as often as I needed to. I guess it says in a slightly sad way how wired I am. But I have been since 1993, when I first discovered email on real old school Macs in university. We had to have boot disks that had our email and such on them. I had penpals on the other side of the world. It was a strange, and liberating time.

After that, it was my very own 33.6k modem. Ironically enough, on a good day, our home connection is actually slower than that. Our new phone line really does suck. Now it doesn’t suck. It just doesn’t do anything. Fingers crossed that they will send out the technician today and he will fix the line and tonight I’ll be able to go back to my usual net addiction.

I should be getting more writing done. And I guess in the long term, without internet, I might. But then I have to thank the internet for giving me an audience to my writing, which initially was what kept me writing in part. So I guess it’s just a risk of my generation being so rather wired.

Sadly, also, the heavy amounts of work at work appears to be bringing back OOS again in my hand. Not a good thing. Especially when I’m a writer. It’s hard feeling that you should give it your all at work, while at the same time thinking that if you do, you’re going to injure yourself more. Roll on Christmas. At least I’ll get to sleep in generous amounts, and let my rather work ravaged body recover somewhat.


One thought on “Day two, bah

  1. I hope are getting some work done Mr. I’m expecting to see Tyson in my inbox by Saturday!
    Sucks both about your net still being out, and your potential OOS. I know how that feels from having pregnancy carpal tunnel, it’s a real downer.
    Hope the nets back on tonight!

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