We have complications …

A line from my favourite animated series Aeon Flux, but instead of someone losing their sniper shot, we appear to have lost phone lines at home. I think it might have something to do with that shonking great tree thats growing all over the phone line outside the house. 24 hours and the phone will be back on says the company. I will be pleasantly surprised if that is the case.

Writing wise, things are going gently, but I did work on Tyson like I rather promised. Not as long as I hoped, and not enough to tip the scales on another hour. I’m having all sorts of thoughts about Tyson’s novel at the moment, but trying to remain zen. I would talk about some of those thoughts if I thought it would be somewhat educational in terms of editing. It’s not really, though. It mostly has to do with removing a third from the novel, and whether I’ve removed the right third. Push on.


One thought on “We have complications …

  1. Push on indeed! Bummer about the net/phone being out! I was sitting here this morning going – where the hell is Tama?? now I know…

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