It’s been a damn long week

I’m either suffering burnout or just laziness. I did a little Tyson today, but not really more than 15 minutes really, before I realize that I’d forgotten that I have a lot more chopping to do than I first figured. This could be one of the damn hardest things I’ve ever done.

I gave up and swapped to Rough Magic planning. Didn’t do all that well there either. It’s like a massive puzzle that just doesn’t seem to fit right. Trying to get everything so that the world makes sense in my head, but I’m thinking perhaps I’m going just a little too subtle in the magic realism factors.

Then I wondered if maybe he is just insane, and really none of it exists, it’s all just in his mind. Instead I think I’ve settled on a world after magic. Where things exist because people believe they exist. But no one believes in magic now. What would that mean for the people who still do believe?

Who knows what I’ll do tomorrow. I think I am suffering burnout in some ways. It’s been a very, very long week.


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