Another day not editing

Still exhausted, and not in the frame of mind to edit. Look, there goes an excuse. Instead I figured I needed a change of venue, so instead of going to my usual cafe, and my usual table, to watch (seriously) the same people gathered at the same table just across from me, I went to a totally new place.

Ideas flowed for a world concept/novel/novella/whatever that I called Rough Magic. It stems a little from a number of running themes I’ve noticed in my writing. 1. The idea of a dual worlds, or at least a form of magic realism in the world, noticeable by certain people. 2. Outcasts as knowledgeable experts of such things. 3. The thought that ideas can be real if thought enough by enough people, ie dreams are reality.

I do believe I have a subject for my I Can’t Believe It’s Not Fiction challenge. I have to work out where the whole thing is going, given it’s a curious mix of Donnie Darko, Lovecraft and a whole mix of of strange things. I just have to get it all straight in my head.

Tomorrow, I have to edit.


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