Happiness is …

… pepper from a pepper grinder. Yup. I’m adding that to my list of simple pleasures, like olives. Yum. Maybe it’s just because I’m getting older, and I like the little things? Happiness is also well brewed, homemade ginger beer. I opened my latest batch with a near explosion, and exclaimed in a somewhat mad scientist way ‘my best batch yet!’. I’ve been burping ever since.

Happiness is also 100 posts on my blog. I guess. Well, it’s something to celebrate, but it doesn’t make me as happy as pepper out of a pepper grinder.

Writing wise, I continued editing Tyson, with the mere glimmer that I might be able to get it out of the way come the end of the month. I looked at what I needed to do, and it comes down to a few rewritten chapters and some gentle massaging, then a read over. Could it be that easy?

I’m not sure I’m going to make 20 hours of editing this month, but we will see how we go. I won’t be too broken up if I don’t pass. I need another 15 hours before the end of the month. We will see.

I did some pondering on the name that a writing buddy has called me twice now, namely Mr Marathon. It might have something to do with the fact I was doing Nano at the time. I’m not sure what I make of the name. I’ve always thought that writers should have massive outputs in terms of word counts. Right now I’m failing on the second part of being a writer, in my mind. Getting those words published.

Hmmm … also, I consider what Cassie said. I think she said. That I should explain my process a little more. Well, what are my thoughts on editing?

I hate it.

There is a lesson that I’ve learned. Don’t get so attached to a story that you can’t see a better way of doing it. Or a different way. Tyson had to get cut from 90k to 60k. I’m still yet to see if he’s the same story, but there is a lot that I had to give up, and I realized I couldn’t get too attached to ‘how things were’. I found myself thinking a lot of ‘what ifs’ about the plot. Finding different and hopefully better ways to do things.

Tyson is meant to end up with this guy, but what if he doesn’t? I learned with this editing not to set things in stone in my head.

I think that’s all I can think to say about the process tonight. More tomorrow, methinks.


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