I write urban fiction, how should I get my work out there?

Ooh. I write urban fiction too, and I got my stuff out there. This title is actually my ‘top search hit’ at the moment. Which isn’t hard really. No one really comes to this blog via the search engines, so if you clicked through on some ridiculous search, it would be a top search hit too, with it’s one iteration.

Well, I doubt the person will come back, who knows what he or she saw and read here. But I do write urban fiction, and I did get it out there I guess. I think there’s a market for it, increasingly so.

No editing done this weekend. Two gloriously lazy days of no writing, no editing. I have some more olives too. Hmmmm. It’s possible that at this rate I’m going to fail the editing challenge. I should just stuck to the 20k of editing, rather than the 20 hours. Still. Maybe I’ll have Tyson mostly out of the way by the end of the month.


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