Give the gift of fiction this Christmas

Actually, no, that’s romantic garbage. But I guess it’s a decent idea. I’m a great believer in giving the gift of fiction, if someone wants to read something custom written by me. I did come across a writers website once, with a little badge that said ‘will write for donations’. Essentially, they were happy to write whatever you want, if you would give them a donation of some sort. I’m not into that so much, but I’m happy to write something if someone really wants it.

Which I am going to do for a friend in the next few months. And I have been known to ask friends what they want to read, complete with elements. That way I can take it as a form of challenge. I like bringing together elements into a story. It’s like getting Rubik cube to fit straight. Having said that, I never was good at those things.

Hello to Chibi. Yes, I know where I placed that challenge. Heh. Sorry. That’s just my inner editors thinking ‘you’re never too busy for writing’. Please note that I didn’t place it on a weekend, so people can happily get sun before launching into a challenge. Go on. Join it. You know you want to.

Hello to Leigh! Goodness, you would have loved growing up where I did. I cant still remember those summers. Having said that, I also remember the summer of 1996. Jodeci had just released their third (and possibly last album). I was in Hamilton. The humidity was stinking hot, but the breeze from my friends car made things bareable. I remember Mary J Blige on the balcony of the same mates house, a few years before. It’s always the summers, I think. Or maybe it’s the heat.

Oh and I finished Road Trip. Meh. I’m too busy thinking of other stuff at the moment. It was just a matter of banging out the last chapter and pushing it aside. Now to gorge myself on something else. Never satisfied. One project done, onto the next. I’m going to miss those characters. The end chapter was very much the characters going their separate ways, but not on so great terms.


One thought on “Give the gift of fiction this Christmas

  1. I do want to join it, but I’m also aware that you happen to place is square between my birthday and Christmas, which is when last minute gift shopping, gift wrapping, cooking, baking and decorating has to happen, not to mention all the other xmas stuff. You may have found the one time of year where I AM too busy to write! But we’ll see.

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