Nano: Day 30 – The end. Almost.

So it wasn’t a full hours effort, but it was enough to kick me over the 50k mark. 50,091 to be exact. 26 hours in total, 17 cups of coffee, 1 of which was free. Presumably a 1,677 words per day average. There’s still one chapter left to write, but I’m happy to take a one day break tomorrow and write it when I’m back to work on Tuesday.

Right now, the sun is shining, it’s a beautiful day outside, and I’m glad that I got all my writing done early. I’ll be busy in my garden today I think, hacking out some weeds and planting my massive crop of cucumber seedlings.

So this is what it feels out the other end of Nanowrimo? I have the certificate and thought again how I have to get it printed in color. That and the one from last year as well. Then I can frame them, next to my Huia certificate, which I’m not actually too sure where I put. And once the novel is done (by Wednesday I would expect) I guess it’s back to Tyson. Hopefully the fresh perspective will give me the drive to finish him once and for all.

Then there is Socnoc. I intend to do that next year. No more slacking. Not that I was or have been slacking. Despite my perceived lack of writing this year, I’m about to hit 150,000 words for the year to date, which is over the total I wrote last year. Next year I shall shatter that record and strive on to higher goals. Hopefully getting published along the way too.

And finally there is the possible Kiwi Writers Forum’s collection as well. I should spend more time on the boards over there, but only seem to when there are challenges involved. I wonder if Socnoc has a keen certificate as well? Something to check into I think.


3 thoughts on “Nano: Day 30 – The end. Almost.

  1. Well, you now know that there is a certificate. More to add to your collection! You should definitely come and do it next year šŸ™‚ and yes, spend more time! By the way, there is a challenge up for December for editing šŸ˜‰ go on, you know you want to.

  2. Congratulations on passing the Nano winner’s post, and thanks for sharing your Nano journey along the way with your daily posts. I enjoyed reading them, your relationship with your characters and you progress. Well done.

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