Monastic life

Ah a glorious day, and to think I actually got some writing done. I should probably try and finish Road Trip tomorrow, but chances are I’ll just enjoy the sun. There better be sun. I spent today digging the garden and putting in my crop of 30 or so cucumber seedlings. Also dumped in a whole lot of potatos as well. On top of that, I made ginger beer. Monastic indeed. Back to the scriptorium in the next few days though. I have to get my Eee sorted as well.

On the writing front, I am close to accepting a Kiwi Writers Forum challenge for December, which involves editing. Bring on Tyson I guess. I’d rather like to write something else, but I guess I should stick to getting Tyson done and dusted. On top of that, I’ve also signed up to the New Year Novella challenge as well. Which brings up memories of the one that I wrote at the beginning of this year. It feels like a lot longer than a year ago, a happy tale of a thief that saves a barbarian, who then go on a strange rampage of revenge and thievery. Excellent stuff!


2 thoughts on “Monastic life

  1. Grat’s on reaching the 50k mark and by the sounds of it completing the story as well (just as important in my opinion). Is the editing going to lead to you publishing it either on the net or on paper?

    I should have paid more attention earlier, but I’ve just noticed that you are in NZ (I presume). As a Kiwi myself (although I’ve been out of the county, accept for visit, for many years now) it’s always cheery to find good blogs run by fellow countrymen. As it’s got rather cold up this end of the world at the moment you’ve now made me think of summers in the North Island. I’m feeling the need for sun kissed sands and clear blue water.

  2. Yay for spending time in the garden 🙂 I weeded over the weekend too and it felt really good. Though, now I’m not sure whether to replant some of the things that nasty weed killed, because if we’re moving there isn’t a lot of point right?
    Anyways, get back to work today, finish your story and then go read my novella, lol I’m interested to see what you think of it 😉
    Oh and sign up to that challenge for goodness sakes! Incentive, incentive, shiny badge on the line here lol
    It does seem like a long time since January doesn’t it?

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