Nano: Day 29, part 2

While sitting on my ass writing blog entries about how tired I was and how I couldn’t write, I figured that I could be doing something productive. Like writing. So I did. I’ve knocked out 1000 words, making tomorrow an easy write to get me over the 50k target. Don’t know why I didn’t just do that first. Right now, I’m getting into the horrible truth of the novel. Not much longer now. 1 and a half chapters. I was staggering for a moment, but what turned out as a bit of a mess start seemed to lend itself to a bit of tender reconciliation.


2 thoughts on “Nano: Day 29, part 2

  1. Hehe, it can be so easy to get caught up in doing something like a little “break”. When I’m writing, I have to be really careful about how long those little breaks do last. It’s just too easy to make them into hour long breaks. Good luck tomorrow (today..?)!

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