Nano: Day 28

Two more days and things will be done. Officially, at least. I’m about 2,300 words off the 50k that I need to complete Nanowrimo. I’m still not sure if I will write tomorrow. I could get that total done on Sunday as it is, I think. Having said that, I’m two chapters off. So actually, the novels going to run a little over 50k. Not tooo bad, I think.

I hope that the end of the novel reads well. I get the feeling that the pacing of it is a little rushed. But crap is going to be flying at the fans right up to the end. And I feel sorta bad, because things have well and truly screwed themselves plot wise. I figured it would be ok by the end, but all three of the characters are going to come out changed. But then, that’s good novelling right?

Oh, and my Eee is back! Software fault they say. I can’t be that much out of touch with how computers work that I can believe that a key not working is a software rather than hardware fault. So, all I have to do it get it back up and running to the level it was before … they had to do a complete system restore. Sigh. It’s not the computer I know and love. It’s an alien.


One thought on “Nano: Day 28

  1. The endings of novels can be REALLY hard. The temptation to rush things is always around, and you have to be extremely careful when it comes to rushing things. I know Cassie ran into that when she was finishing the end of Lifelines, and she said as much to me several times. But the quality of your novel really suffers when you rush, even if it doesn’t seem like it is when you’re writing it.

    If you’re not totally pleased with how your novel came out, don’t worry. There’s always re-writing and editing.

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