Nano: Day 26

Four days more and Nanowrimo will be finished. I’m ahead of schedule and on track with the storyline. I keep telling myself that every bit more I do right now saves me writing much during the weekend. Having said that Saturdays going to be a hard write. I’m working on Saturday. Which means I’ll have to write as soon as I get back home. Or maybe I can write ahead of myself enough to take Saturday off.

I’m fairly certain that I know everything from here on in. The story is wrapping up. The big stuff is about to be wheeled out onto the stage. I’m gonna miss Zadie, John and Tu. I rather wonder what they will get up to once the novel comes to an end.

Cassie mentioned that I should write about my editing processes. Well, when Tyson rolls back onto the stage come December, I’ll have nothing to do but talk about editing, and bitching about how I don’t much like working on Tyson. So the time will come!

Despite being a published writer, I felt strange giving my first author talk. People look to you for saintly advice on the secrets of writing. There’s little secret to it, other than the first rule of writing. Write. Lots. And keep doing it. As much as you can. And write, write, and write more. Forget whether or not it’s perfect. The day that you realize that your writing isn’t precious, is the day you have made great step forward, young Grasshopper. Then you can really start having fun.


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