Nano: Day 23

In about 7 days I’ll have to start coming up with post titles again. I guess this month has made it rather easy. Heh. No problem. And yes, this is Nanowrimo number 2. Last year I finished ahead of time (from memory) but pushed into December to get the whole novel finished off. I gave brief thoughts today about pacing and trying to get this novel done by the 50k mark.

Oh, and I’m now back on target. Only by a couple of hundred words, but I’m back on target. From here on in, I’m going to push ahead to the finish line. Having said that, it was hard as hell to write today. I gave it a shot, and stopped after 200 words. Then I sat down a few hours later and banged out another 2,300 or so.

The big chapter is done. One that I was wondering as I wrote it how realistically it would come off. I think it went well. And my characters surprised me. I expected the reactions I got, but not from the specific characters I did.

Bring on the next chapter, and the next two days of my long weekend! At least now I can do 1,667 and feel like I’ve done good for the day.


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