Nano: Day 18

I got about 2k done last night, after getting my old laptop up to speed. It’s rather strange having to telegraph my fingers around this massive keyboard. And the screen is huge! Pity I can’t take this one on the road. I wrote my last Nano on this one. My partner has suggested I take his laptop, but I’ll see how my writing habits go over the next few days.

Oooh! No time to lighten up, dear Chibi! Complacency leads to low word counts and slacking off. And I have to admit that I rarely ever find writing fun. I don’t know what that is. When I’m breezing along breaking my work count goals for the day, and it’s all coming fairly easy, then it’s fun. Certainly not as fun as PS2, mind you.


One thought on “Nano: Day 18

  1. :p There’s a difference between lightening up to have fun, and lightening up to the point where you slack off. Hey, I slack off all the time… I don’t see anything wrong with it, so perhaps I’m not the one to be asking, at that. Still, I do wonder why you yearn to be a writer when you don’t have fun writing?

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