Nano: Day 18, evening report

I got a little shy of 2k done today, writing on a laptop that I drained like some horrible writing vampire. Drained its battery down as low as it would go. Which was actually only about an hours worth. I figure, in my strange way, that if I just keep writing about 2k a day, then I’m going to catch up before the end. Eventually.

Chibi asks why I write, if I don’t like writing. I’ve pondered this one. I guess it’s not that I dont like writing. It’s just that writing to me is work, it’s not really fun. It takes considerable effort. I’m consoled by the fact that a lot of other (and professional) writers think very much the same as I. So why do I do it? Well, I don’t really see that I have a choice in the matter. I have to write. And when I’m not writing, I feel bad that I’m not writing.

Also, I’m so rather hard on myself because I know I can be slack. And because I want to ‘make it’ when it comes to writing. If there’s one thing in life that I think I can be famous at, it’s writing. Although I do rather lament the fact that I’ve had to take to the game so late in my life.

Novel wise, I’m a hint worried that I won’t be able to fill the remaining 25k or so of my novel. Not too worried, because I really did go into this expecting that I would discover the plot. As it ended up, I didn’t. Even only having a few days to ponder the novel, the characters leaped out and gave me stuff to write about. I do see the need to shift the focus of the novel a bit. John gets too much talk time. Tu gets too much trouble time. More time to see that Tu isn’t just a troublemaker.


One thought on “Nano: Day 18, evening report

  1. I guess that makes sense. Reading your post, though, it makes me glad that writing is fun for me. I guess I never figured that other people wouldn’t feel the same way. It’s good that you’re so determined, and that you take yourself so seriously, then, because it’s probable that you could become very lax if you didn’t. Still…. 😛 I’m wondering now how you’re doing with NaNo, because this is supposed to be a quantity over quality, no editing, anything goes style. Does that run well with you?

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