Nano: Day 17

A hickup. Eeeffical, my trusty laptop on which I do pretty much everything computer related, is now in the shop. Props to Dick Smith for being so damn cool, despite me not having my reciepts and such. Two weeks, they say. All good. Anything to get him back in working shape again. I think I will look at investing in a rollup waterproof keyboard for when he gets back.

The ranks of vato-like editors that just sit on the stoop of my inner mind and bitch and whine and complain have only one thing to say; “Dumbass. You got rid of your computer for two weeks, with two weeks left for Nanowrimo.” I, of course, laugh at them, and ignore them. Cute as they are.

I have enough broken laptops at home to cobble together a working solution. My previous laptop is still pretty much in fine order, except its battery, which gives me about 5 minutes life before dying. Not good if you want to write a novel. But, there is another laptop in my house that has a busted keyboard and a perfectly working battery. I think they are the same model.

I’m behind. Probably about 5k again by the end of the day. We have passed the half way point and I’m not half way through my novel.

Being an aries with the Sun and Mars shining brightly over my auspices, it’s expected that I can allow myself a certain degree of overconfidence, cockiness and big-headed-ness. Usually, I’m not the most confident of people, but I have the potential to be horribly so. When it comes to writing, I’m overconfident. It’s something I’ve merely trained myself into.

I also have cripplingly high standards for myself when it comes to writing. Writing is what I wanna do, it’s what I want to be successful at. I’ve been writing since I was a teen, god dammit, I am good at it. All it takes is practice. And lots of it. I’ve written countless short stories, had a number published, written two novels, and numerous novellas. I can do this.

Having said all that (and there is a point), I have felt almost the creeping phantom of doubt this month. Maybe I can’t finish Nanowrimo. I’m just not writing fast enough. At the same time, I can’t let myself fail at Nanowrimo. Not only is it Nano, it’s Nano’s tenth year. Time to change my daily routine to make his happen.

Fear not, dear reader. But please, take to heart that if I can give up my laptop, be about 5k behind and have to make sweeping changes to my daily routines and still finish Nano, then you, with your working computer surely can. Don’t let those internal editors tell you that this is the final straw, and it’s a hint to throw in the towel. Writings not about this. And hell, it’s all about getting words on paper.

My words on paper will have to be tonight. Until then, I get to read. And worry.


One thought on “Nano: Day 17

  1. I suppose it’s wrong of me to just want to tell you to relax. 😛 Winning NaNo has no bearing on whether or not you’re a “good” writer. It’s great that you take yourself and your writing seriously, because you should, but NaNo is also about having fun with your work. Maybe if you lightened up a little, your writing might come faster? It’s just a suggestion, but anything can be fixed after the month is over. Nothing needs to be perfect the first time around. And besides, NaNo isn’t for everyone. Good luck!

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