Nano: Day 16

Thanks to the comments yesterday, to Virtual Hippe. It’s sorta strange to think people are reading on a regular basis, even moreso to think that it’s helping someone with their Nano efforts. Keep it up Hippe, I hope that you cross the finish line without too much trouble.

I wonder why it is I always get sick on the weekends, and have to drag my sorry ass through a whole week of work and suffering? I got a very small amount of stilted writing done today. Too much distraction, certainly not my usual writing environment. I’m about 3k behind at the moment.

I’m hoping to take my poor Eee in tomorrow and see if I can get the key fixed on warranty. If so, I’ll have to work hard to keep up via another laptop at home. If not, I’ll have to deal with the v for the moment. I’ve been meaning to get a roll up keyboard for a while anyway.

Plot wise, other than being somewhat stilted, Zadie and all are coming on ok. Now I’m learning more about John’s family, and wondering if there is any way to learn anything about Tu in the later half of the novel.


2 thoughts on “Nano: Day 16

  1. I’m sure you can find a way 🙂
    Good luck with getting the Eee fixed, it’s such a pain when keyboards are on the fritz!

  2. I always seem to get sick on weekends… I loathe it. I know I shouldn’t want to miss school, but it’s better than being sick during your free time. I hope you feel better.

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