Nano: Day 14

Firstly, of course Chibi! You’re famous because you get mentioned in Cassie’s blog so often, so of course I was wondering when your first comment might come.

Not much to report writing wise today. I wrote pretty much the required 1,667. Which means I shall have to do the same for the next few days. Be kind to me my weekend. I need me some good rest.


2 thoughts on “Nano: Day 14

  1. Well, she and I tend to spend (or used to, until the little miss2 came around, and will once Cassie gets her butt in gear and gets her wrap) hours each night together on MSN, so I guess it’s not a big surprise that she mentions me some. You’re mentioned too, though. 😉

    Last weekend I was SO busy. It killed me, because I’d planned to have this big catch-up weekend… Yeah, it never happened. So I’m putting my foot down… Saturday or Sunday *has* to be devoted to writing!

  2. lol yes you both need to get writing =P
    Aw so nice to see my writing friends getting to know each other! lol The people who keep me going when I have those days when I feel unmotivated 🙂

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