Nano: Day 13

Firstly, I got a comment yesterday from the famous Chibi! Excellent. Much thanks Chibi. And in reply, I can’t abide personal slackness when it comes to writing. 5k behind has to be fixed ASAP! Todays effort didn’t entirely fix it. I almost get the feeling I’ll be caught up by the weekend, and have to write on Saturday and Sunday …

Today effort was ok. I might have got more done, but the novels first action sequence had to be squeezed like blood from a stone. I hope it reads ok. Meanwhile, the fallout from it is rather interesting. Not entirely what I expected actually.

I’m rather proud of the following exchange;

“You can’t do that! That’s my fuckin’ shit!”

“It’s no ones now!”

I can’t believe I have a character who pretty much pulled the motherly line of “I’m taking it and no one can have it!”. I remember that a little too much from my childhood. Or at least I’m pretty sure I did. Thanks Zadie, for pulling off both the most motherly and at the same time, the most immature line of the book!


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