Nano: Day 12

As I sat down to my writing today, I had one stark realization in mind. I was 5k behind. Freaking heck. 5k is a big amount of words to be behind. At least that’s what I thought at the point I sat down. I swore I’d get that hacked back substantially today and be ahead by the end of the week.

Right now I’m only 2.5k behind. That’s not too bad. Actually, I wrote 3k. How does that maths work? It was never my best subject at school. History and English was.

Right now we are on Day 2 of the Road Trip. Auckland – Rotorua. Big things are about to happen, probably tomorrow, as Tu gets himself into trouble and we find out what silly things hes done since, erm, the day before. Surprising how much trouble a guy can get into in one day.

Zadie seems to be eying John far too much. Silly girl. And she bitches a lot about how she needs her smokes. I’m wondering how the revelation about Tu will affect the car, because I’m rather aware that Zadie would happily leave one of the two guys behind.

Time will tell.


One thought on “Nano: Day 12

  1. 5k isn’t that far behind. If you’re having a hard time catching up, you could always just space that 5k out over five days – write an extra k each day, and you’d be caught up. But sometimes even THAT can be hard. I hope you can catch up and surpass. šŸ™‚

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