Nano: Day 6

So things are still going well, but revelations are coming out in the novel a lot sooner than I thought. I discovered (not a revelation) that Tu isn’t a total asshole. He’s actually almost sorta funny when he tries. Which is fun sorta, cause I don’t write characters who are funny. I wonder why that is …

I stopped at a good or bad place, as I made the word target for the day. Wondering whether I should put Tyson in for a short portion. It almost makes sense, given whats just gone down in the novel, but will it break the flow, introducing a character who won’t turn up again? Who am I kidding, it’s a road trip. Most of the characters won’t turn up again.

I discovered something else too. It’s quite one thing to write a story from a characters POV. But then to write it out of that characters POV, looking back at him, almost feels like a different character. Writing Tu from POVs other than his is interesting and strange. No thoughts. He’s a pain in the ass in the way he doesn’t talk, lies, avoids and generally misleads.

I rather like Zadie I think. She’s rather kick ass. Yet vunerable. Still kick ass.


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