Nano: Day 5

So Day 5 and I have a vague idea where the novel is going. Zadie is going on well, although shes appears to have fallen for John, the bush boy, a lot earlier than I figured she would. I wondered briefly if I was writing Chick Lit. I don’t think I do. She’s unemployed for one, and won’t have a job by the end of the novel. And she doesn’t own any heels.

Now I just have to give Tu some more airtime before they all get to Auckland. Oh, and I’m now on track. I’m no longer behind, after some rather heroic writing. Actually no, it’s not heroic, it’s just putting in 1.5 hours a day …


One thought on “Nano: Day 5

  1. Don’t worry; chick lit has definitely changed. She doesn’t need heels or a job. She just needs to be someone that other women can relate to, preferably with a sense of humor. Oh, and good luck with NaNo!

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