Nano: Day 4

So I’ve almost caught up with the main bulk of the runners. It’s a bit sad really. The Nanowrimo website runs like a dog, bless them for what they do though. I don’t actually have anyone other than Jerome, a fellow writer from way back with me on this year. Cassies not with me. I certainly don’t feel the excitement and community I did last year.

It’s almost rather like plugging a number into a website for gratification of writing well done. Sorta like Super Zeny Writer … maybe I wasn’t so crazy after all.

Time to meet the cast of Road Trip.

Zadie, our unflappable hero. She’s surprised me already. Unemployed and seriously unwilling to accept charity, and as far as I know equally unwilling to take crap. She’s a chain smoker with 5 left in the pack. It’s hard writing as her. I’m not a girl. But I’m willing to be a chain smoking girl on the edge for a month.

John, our big bush Maori. Quiet and mysterious, hes really not given me any surprises. I’ve not written a guy whos made my prose so clipped and short. I like him, and hopefully I can get him feeling like a decent guy, because he really is.

Tu, our troublemaking youth. I’ve written about him more than I’ve written about either of the other two, even though Zadie’s been in a novel. And hes surprised me the most. Woke up with a hangover at the start of the chapter today, couldn’t remember what happened last night. Spent breakfast thinking he couldn’t have ‘rooted’ the gang leaders wife, or he would have remembered. Finally realised he recognised one of the other gangers sleeping in the spare room because he slept with him.

Good god. He’s a sex obsessed asshole. I didn’t expect that at all.

They are almost ready to start on the road trip itself. I’m worried. I don’t know where they are going the chapter after this. Or the next really. I am a little scared. I hope this isn’t a boring ride.

And I realised I’m writing literary fiction. Or is it? Maybe it’s too urban to be literary fiction. Not a windswept coastline in sight. At least not yet.


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