Nano: Day 3

According to my calculations I am meant to be up to about 5k today, but instead I’ve managed half of that, at about 2500 words. Not bad for one days effort. I’ll be running a little faster than most to catch up. Disappointed though, that I cannot seem to update my word count. The Nanowrimo website is grinding to a halt. I almost am considering not updating the wordcount on there regularly, and just doing it here instead.

So, the novels not toooo bad from first writing. One and half chapters done. I have a general idea on where it’s going, at least for the next few chapters. Major conflicts all ready to break out. Not doing too bad.

I’m a bit scared of the fact my main character is a girl. Because I am not. And I have not really written girls before. I guess it comes with being a guy loving guy. We will see yet though. Right now, I’ve written the first chapter, which is in her (Zadie’s) perspective. The novel runs from her perspective as far as I know, so I’ll be pressed and challenged throughout.

Not sure I’ll write more today. Think I’ll do a bit of reading. Most of my writing will come either before work, or during my two half hour lunchbreaks. I’d like to keep my nights free as usual. Gotta have some time to write, and at 2.5k a day, having the nights off aint bad.

Oh, and I guess I can also play Super Ronin Writer, to see how it runs. Write on!


2 thoughts on “Nano: Day 3

  1. Hey sounds like it’s going well 🙂 So you went with the female as the main? wow!! lol I’m so impressed. You’ll have to give me a sneak preview sometime 😉

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