Nano: Day 1

Ok, so it’s day one. I haven’t actually started writing yet. My family are visiting, so it makes it slightly tough. I might write a bit tonight, when everyones asleep. I probably wont. I’ll probably not start writing until Monday when I’m back on my work schedule.

Not too confident on my novel idea. I’ve definitely got the jitters. I did think up a few alternatives, but I think I’ll stick with Road Trip. I think it’s actually the fear of not knowing where it’s going to go and again, not wanting to waste a month writing crap.

I need to get this thing started, of course. Once it starts flowing I think I will be fairly happy where it’s heading. I think that it ends in a good place, and its got a few good scenes throughout it.

Write on I guess! Lets see how I feel about this all through the month. I’ll report day by day.


One thought on “Nano: Day 1

  1. Hope you manage to get started today – always feels good to have begun on ‘day 1’ rather than later on in the month.

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