A weekend of rest

… if nothing else. Sure wasn’t a phone line! I shall try not to talk about that, because it will end up needing it’s own tag methinks. I did little for the weekend. Sat on my ass and listened to music. I got a lot of programming done actually. Super Ronin Writer is in a rather healthy state of affairs. Now it’s just a matter of waiting until November to use it and see how it runs.

I’m hit with the usual Nano jitters. That is the voices that tell me the idea sucks. That it’s too hard to maintain 1,667 or whatever words a day. All the usual. It starts on Saturday. Which is also the day that my family turns up to visit. Challenging timing to say the least.

Oooh, and there is a mini-Cassie in the world! Excellent news, and congrats again and again.


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