I just logged in to the new Nanowrimo website. Well, not new, but it’s had some tweeks here and there. I got an email from them saying that I could get my free printed proof of my 2007 winning novel. Bah, I thought. And how much to ship overseas? Or this is only open to US citizens? No. It’s shipped free too.

Not sure if I want a printed proof of that particular novel. Maybe this years?

Speaking of this years, I’m trying not to think about it, so that I can just go in with three characters and see what they will do for 50k. Having said that, I’m worried it will be total crap. Then I have to remind myself, it’s just to see what would happen with three characters and no plot. I have a start, a finish, and three characters. That’s it.

Having logged into the site, I remembered all the memories of last years Nano. Ah, the coffees in Chaos in Taranaki. And I met Cassie through last years Nano. I wonder if there is a Rotorua nano group? I shall have to look. But all of that just reminded me how rather fun it was.

So, here’s the deal. I’ve finished draft number who-knows-what-number of Tyson. Let it sit a month while I do Nano, then go back over it with a fresh eye. A bit of objectivity and all. It might be an excuse though … but I do rather want to do Nano, despite a visit from the family and a wedding anniversary …


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