I want to do Nano. There’s something cool about getting tied up in all the festivities and coolness.

Why I should do wrimo; It’s cool. It’s fun.

Why I shouldn’t do wrimo; A visit from my mother. A wedding anniversary. I might fail. I wouldn’t be writing Tyson.

If I did do Nano, that means I wouldn’t be doing Tyson. Which isn’t good. But I want to do Nano … but I wouldn’t be writing on Tyson. Good grief.

What would I write? Well I considered writing 50k of Tyson rewritten chapters. But Cassie said that’s cheating. It has to be a new novel. And my working the rules don’t cut it with her either.

I did consider the rather fun idea of getting 3 characters who I know about, dumping them in a situation and letting them just ride. Would it be a fun write? What would happen? I’d know nothing but these characters. No idea what’s going to happen, or where they would end up. Could be fun, could be disasterous …


One thought on “Nanowrimo?

  1. lol i can’t believe you’re actually listening to me… people don’t normally seem to do that! Anyways, I am sure some characters will show up and populate your new novel, it’ll be great!

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