Because perhaps I am crazy …

I pitched my new idea to Cassie, and she pronounced me crazy. But I already sorta knew that. I do believe though that Super Zeny Writer’s days are numbered. Ever since I started running a game of it, I’ve considered improvements. One of them was writing up a computer program to keep track of all the fiddly stuff.

But if you have a program doing everything for you, then you have so much more scope … and so I kept giving it thought, and out sprung something I’ve tentatively called Super Ronin Writer.

All your writing efforts day by day translate into momentum, which then allow you to fight off badies more effectively, or travel ancient Japan more quickly in quest for something I haven’t yet decided. It spits you out random writing challenges and I’ve decided to make it more cutthroat on slackness.

Now, to the outside person, this might see all rather insane. A game that runs off your ability to write lots. But I do have to say that I have written more consistantly when I consider that if I don’t, this strange imaginary character will bite it. Consequence for not writing? I guess that’s what I’ve previously lacked.

All in all though, it’s harmless fun, and does sate my appetite for programming games, which I used to do once upon a time. So right now the battle engine is written, and I can hack through an enemy probably in a few solid days writing. Just need to write the travelling engine and it will all be ready for playtest!


2 thoughts on “Because perhaps I am crazy …

  1. lol I’m glad you’re having fun with it. I am sure it’ll spur you onto new heights of writerlyness.
    Maybe in another time, another place, I’d come along for the ride but I’m predicting the whole newborn baby thing thats happening within the next month or so would mean a quick death for me in this particular game.
    And hey, at least I woulda kicked your ass at Super Zeny Writer.

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