A weekend without net

How can the world run without the internet? Not sure. How do I run without it? Well, I certainly don’t get any more writing done than I would with the net. I actually only got the barest minimums done. I was unfocussed this weekend, in a new house, with lots of stuff going on around me.

But I did see a lot of movies during the weekend. I think it’s worth mentioning, mostly because I sorta like critting movies, and secondly because I sometimes think in movie format when I’m writing. I cast, and set dress and soundtrack my stuff, and in the case of some of my projects, I’ve done that consciously, thinking ‘who would play these people, what would it all look like’. But movies and music play a goodly part of my creative process I guess.

So, what was on the plate for the weekend just passed?

Max Payne. I played the game it was based on and loved the game. It’s a game inspired by the movie genre, and ironic (as a friend pointed out), that it’s now a movie based on a game, based on a movie genre. It’s funny how they managed to change a shooter game into a hardnosed cop drama. Not as much shooting as I would have liked, but stylistically rather well done.

The movie projector blew up about the same time the building blew up at the end of the film, but with only 5 minutes left, I can guess what happened next. Cue our full cash refunds.

Children of Men. Second time I’ve seen this film. Ain’t read the book. It rocks. It looks great. It feels great. And the ‘action’ sequences are some of the most tense and best shot in any film I’ve seen. Nuff said. A thinking mans action film?

The Black Dahlia. This film got shitty mixed reviews and of course, I’ve just finished the book. Stylistically it looks great. But it’s Brian de Palma. Plot wise, and pacing wise, well the book wasn’t a straight forward ride and I think he did the best he could to take a very complex book and turn it into a movie that was only just slightly less complex. I liked it.

Miami Vice. Heh. Michael Mann can make a film that just has a very quiet, calm and hard feel to it. Not the Miami Vice of the 80s, but it had plenty of nods in that direction. I liked it, despite almost stopping it a few times out of boredom. I remember Heat, the other film he did. I did stop that part way through. Just like this film, lots of talking, lots of hard expressions. Not much shooting.


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