Because I can

I’m busy tapping away at a new Chapter 3 for my novel. Mostly because I can, and I think that I can do a better job of it. Plus, it also lets me put in things that ended up happening in the end as well. Make it feel less like I wandered into the story. Which I had. Tighten everything up.

I guess there comes a point where you realise that your writing isn’t sacred, and that it’s really no big deal to chop and change and try something else. It’s just a self contained chapter. If it comes out worse than the original, then I can just put the original back in.

Still no net at home. Bugs me. I’m not getting more writing done, yet. What with all the more time I have on my hands. I actually get into town earlier than I used to, but spend most of it clearing my email and stuff. Ah well. Give it a week.

Soldier on!


One thought on “Because I can

  1. yes soldier on lol, glad that the writing seems to be going well – I think it’s a huge thing when can realize that chopping and changing can make a story better, that the original idea you had isn’t the only way to do things. Kind of liberating really!

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