Cafes I’ve written (in)

I wrote most of my novel in a place called Pam Pami. Actually, it was called Neo Expresso, but my partner and I dubbed it Pam Pami on account of the weird little asian clothing store directly opposite. Admit it, it’s a far more exciting name than Neo Expresso. And according to the translation on the bottom of the sign, it meant ‘A cute cat’.

About $250 dollars worth of coffee later … a first draft to a novel.

Moving to the hard, windswept Taranaki I took up residence in a place called Chaos. It was a little bit more expensive, but it had great coffee and good surrounds. I wrote large stacks of my Nanonovel there. Alas, I didn’t get to stay there long.

It would look like my latest abode is a nice place, much like Chaos, called the Fat Dog. Rather similar place, I have to say. Great coffee, good surrounds. Rather busy though, but that’s the price of good coffee I think, and good food.

One needs their surrounds I think, when writing. I need my routine and ritual. Although having said that, I didn’t follow it this morning, which made me think of this post. I sat down and didn’t take out my laptop. I drunk coffee and thought about what I’m going to do with poor Tyson. I’ll probably listen to the voice in my head that says ‘first few chapters always suck, I happen to know it gets better further in’. Makes me feel so lazy on what I did submit. So lunchtime will have to be my time for editing.

Move done. Don’t have internet. Does that make the house unlivable? Will probably take a while before I settle into the place, despite it being laid out fairly much the same as the old place. And then there’s the fact I’m not driving 1.5 hours a day. That should help my mood.


One thought on “Cafes I’ve written (in)

  1. Fingers crossed!
    it was weird to read that you’re hanging at Fat Dog now – considering I actually know where that is, and have been there myself! And yet I live in the naki and still have not been to Chaos… hmm.

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