The Big Move, day 2

Moving is stressful and traumatic, given that Aries people like their creature comforts and do not like instable situations. Nothing is worse than your sanctuary, your protection from the world as a whole, being in flux. Having said that, I guess I’m a hint on edge and cranky. Good news, there are only two days in this move operation, and come end of work, we will be in the new house.


I did get 30 minutes of it done today. I kept rereading and editing from chapter 1, as I had yesterday and became more and more disallusioned with the ‘old stuff’. So I read the ‘new stuff’ instead. Uuuh. My writing style has changed, and for the better, I might hope. The new chapters feel fresher, yes, but they feel tighter and less rambling.

Dark parts of me suggest rewriting the whole damn thing in my new style. Go on, say the internal editors. It would only be about another 50k and you like racking up the numbers. Just look how well you did with the end of the novel rewrites. I could even do it as part of the Nanowrimo month thing. Wouldn’t that be grand.

Not sure what to do. But the project has fallen back to disgust again, in terms of my attitude. Moving does not help that, probably, so I will take a more objective view on it all tomorrow.

Also don’t have net. What’s an Aries without his net-at-home?


One thought on “The Big Move, day 2

  1. A miserable Aries I am betting! Hope it’s not too long before it’s all back up and running – and I hope the rest of the move goes smoothly.
    As for the novel – you may need to rewrite it all if it really is that different, unless there is some way to ramble up your newer writing while tightening the older writing slightly? Some kind of compromise? Will be interested to hear what you decide to do with it.

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