tama wise

Back on the horse, sorta


Ok, so I came into town early (far too early) and got some stuttered writing done. It was forced, but I forced myself to write. And I managed to finish chapter 1 of Judge Farrell. Hope to get that up in the next few days. But then there is the complicating factor.

Moving house. Bless my dear wee other half, for managing to achieve what should be rather impossible. That is, I’ll be going to bed at home tonight, and tomorrow night I’ll be going home to a new house. Which disturbingly enough is laid out almost exactly as the house I’m living in. It’s just in a different town.

How will this affect my writing? Well, for a start I won’t have to drive for one and half hours a day, so technically I’ll have more time for life. And more time for writing, by extension of that.

I will miss my dear wee Silent Hill, shithole of a place that it is. I never did spend a summer there. The two seperate occasions that I’ve lived there, it’s been winter. The stuff I’ve seen there, and my life in general for the last six or so months shall certainly end up influencing my writing.