The slow bleed

I called in sick because of a too hard weekend, and eyes that burn probably because of a set of crappy glasses that are well overdue checking. Well either that and I’m a latent vampire cringing from the spring sun.

Truth is though, I was too exhausted and headachy to write. Or read. But I did do a bit of reading, mostly on tarot. I used it as the basis to write my last nano novel, and it makes for interesting reading, the major arcana and its journey in terms of story telling.

Writing wise though, as of right now, my lil Zeny Fighter is shaken and is going to have to ride out the week as such. Three days without even a sniff of writing. When i get back to work tomorrow, I will have stacks of time to write. I’ll finish up Judge Farrell’s first chapter. Maybe even do a second if i feel up to it.

And then there’s moving house on Saturday.


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