Did I miss me?

I think I did. I didn’t write yesterday, and I’m not sure if I will today/tonight. A well needed weekend away. I didn’t get a lot of sleep, and I feel like crap at the moment, but that’s all good. At least I got to see all my mates, something I sorta needed.

On other news though, I’ve started on the serial fiction, starting out on the first chapter of my Judge Farrell stories. I will need to make up some sorta wifty header banner or something.

I’m not sure anyone who reads my blog will know much about Judge Dredd, but my serial follows the story of a cadet in the Dredd universe, around about the Total War storyline. It’s a story set in the future, where the world is run by a dictatorial regime of Judges, who are judge, jury and executioner in a bid to control a massive population. The Total War storyline is a recent one, where a group of people wanting democratic reform resort to terrorism.

I think I’ll have fun with it. I already have characters, ideas and possible storylines. I guess I should commit to writing at least a 2k chapter each month. I think it will end up as my ‘I feel like writing something’ stuff. It’ll be fairly raw, take it as it comes type reading. If you want to read it …

Mostly, I think it will be fun to write. Already I’m having fun.


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