Counterzeny is what you get when you write too much. You don’t get rewards, you get penalties. My counterzeny is that I’ve written so damn much in the last few days that I’m sure it’s to blame at least in part for my exhaustion. Almost there. Almost done. Just a half chapter I think and maybe some patch work. Then its stitch zombie time.

Too little sleep and far too tired. I don’t expect this wee gem of a post to make much sense at all. My writing time tomorrow will be short. Probably not before work, and certainly not during my first lunch. So I’ll have to do it second lunches. Still, probably enough time to finish off the last scene of the last chapter.


2 thoughts on “Counterzeny

  1. That’s great! I hope you get it done, then it’s just piecing it all back together.
    I DO understand, Mr. Counterzeny thwart my massive writing spree – but thanks, all the same, because I crashed out last night and actually slept really well! Probably because you’d banned me from doing anything more related to writing.

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