The zen of writing

No, it’s probably me spacing out from writing too much and sleeping too little. In the last two days alone I’ve written 7,500 words. Writing before work, and during both lunch breaks. During some part of it all, it almost felt like meditation. Nothing existed outside the writing.

I had something similar to this a long time ago. I wrote a great huge novella that actually I thought was a short story. Probably about 15k or so in two days. I was moody and nasty the whole time, writing this long angsty piece. I lived and breathed the characters, feeling them the whole way.

I probably felt a little like that today. Hopefully all this living in my characters will churn out a good story in the end. I always live with my characters these days, but they have been hanging around a lot lately.


2 thoughts on “The zen of writing

  1. That is seriously impressive! I don’t think I’ve written more than 5000 words in two days.

    However I’m hoping to remedy that come November…it’s the only way the book will be completed in the month’s time.

  2. Hope you managed to get a good nights sleep, you really sounded like you need it! Maybe try and take a break today? I know you’re feeling worn out.

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