A Glimpse of Heaven and Hell

This is a rather long short story that I came up with after a few long trips to and from work. It’s a pick and mix fantasy world, where I put together all the elements that I wanted. I wanted mankind over run by something. Originally it was orcs, who weren’t the bad guys of the setting, but appearing to be in the way they were attacking mankind.

Then it was zombie things, much like Dawn of the Dead. Salt in a little of my love for Silent Hill, and they became Corpses.

From there, I ended up with modern weapons in the setting, wondering how they got there. Then it occurred to me, the whole setting was post apocalypse. Somehow the elves and orcs and the Corpses were post nuclear war. Somehow. I have half an idea how it happened now, but here’s a small glimpse into the world.

I didn’t get to do much of the worlds magic, but that came after a few more rides to and from work. It doesn’t show up in the story too much, but it’s there.

I rather liked how it turned out, especially when I read it and realized I didn’t know how the ending should be read. It’s one way or the other in my mind. I like surprises in writing.

Anyway, check out the novella/short story over on the right, under the Pages.


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