What do maori guys read?

I’m starting to think perhaps they might read fantasy. Perhaps. I look at enough maori guy’s reading when they pick it out, if I can, and it seems that David Eddings is common. Why oh why do my intelligent brown brothers have to read crap fantasy? Why not some good solid Feist? Have any of them read Tolkien?

Being a writer, and being a maori writer, I’ve often wondered what other maori guys read. Not many of them seem to read, at least not teens. Again, only through observation do I come to the conclusion that just maybe fantasy might be up there. Strange though, maybe. What would it be about fantasy that is appealing?

I didn’t get any writing done today, but I did some late night planning on Pope, given all the thinking I’ve done about him recently. I’m starting to like the idea of writing Pope more than finishing Tyson, but I am happy plugging ahead with Tyson rather than dawdling off on serial fiction. Curious that, too.

The weekend looms, and yet I’ve failed to get the stuff I need to kill the first level boss.


3 thoughts on “What do maori guys read?

  1. Me too… we’re doomed right? lol
    So do you think you might launch into Pope for NaNo? or just keep plugging away at Tyson til he’s done?

  2. I’ve read the hobbit and lotr books, i preferred the hobbit. other than that i’ve also read most of anne rices novels. i like how she puts vampires into real human history. cyberpunk like snowcrash and neuromancer as well. The nights dawn trilogy was a great read as well. loved the concept of all these books.

  3. Bro, other than the Nights Dawn trilogy, I’ve read all the same things and totally agree with your comments! Hah. Wonder if you’re a mirror version of me.

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