Who is the hero?

What does he want? When does he have a chance to get it? All quick fire, shotgun type questions. It’s a 9 step process I learnt down in Wellington, with the Class of August. I was driving home from work, lamenting that my 40 minutes pondering on Pope doesn’t count towards zeny, and applied this process to his character.

I was actually concerned that the novel had no real plot, and was more just a bunch of ideas. Putting Pope through the process, I hoped to get a plot. So what does he want? He wants lots of stuff, and I guess I have to try and get it sorted out he wants the most, so I can shape a plot out of him.

It’s a nasty piece of work, the novel. I have to work out where it’s heading thought.

What else? Another chapter almost finished on Tyson. If only I could do it all again … I’d get it right the first time, my internal editors tell me. Well, that’s what editing is for, says the part of me that nay says my nay sayers.

Serial fiction. Still pondering on that one. Still erring towards what I’m called a Not Judge Dredd serial. I can’t call it Judge McGruder. The character already exists, she ended up as a slightly made Chief Justice. So for now, Not Judge Dredd serial.

Nanowrimo, and this one had to come up sooner or later. I have been wondering about doing it, and not doing it, so I can get Tyson done. But Cassie has just told me that this year is 10th anniversary … surely that’s reason enough to do it?

Right, enough rambling for tonight. I’ll check in tomorrow. Hopefully my head will be screwed on better.


One thought on “Who is the hero?

  1. Hope you slept well and are feeling more together this morning 🙂
    Sounds like you are at least making a little progress with the new novel idea, I am sure you’ll get the plot out of him soon enough.

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