Another day, another 800 words?

I looked at my Super Zeny stats today and wondered to myself (rather miraculously) how is it possible that I will ever lose a life in this game? Who could have believed that I could sustain writing and planning and such to such a degree that I could do it every day of the week?

Early days yet. I didn’t actually make a full week. I missed Monday. But I was involved in writing on Saturday and Sunday. My Super Zeny Fighter embarks on his week long journey to level 2.

I found myself pondering serial fiction again. Started with Aeon Flux fanfic, then to Cyber City: Oedo 808, which is a rather (now) obscure anime with an interesting concept. Criminals in a near future forced to work as cops to reduce their multiple life sentences. The catch being that they all wear collars that can be triggered to explode if they don’t go along. Interesting concept, very cyberpunk, very dark.

Too much work, my head said. Then I ended up with Judge Dredd, sans the Dredd and focusing on a different Judge. I like the setting, and have been a fan of the comics on and off. The ideas started flowing, but I’ve decided to read the one only Judge Dredd novel that we have at the library, and see if I still feel the same after.

Serial fiction, by the way, is an idea I had to keep my writing up. 2k a month, that is, a chapter a month. Or else. I guess.

This line of thought might have something to do with the fact I’m reading crime fiction, with lots of police procedure. I’ll see how I feel after the Black Dahlia and that Dredd novel.

Write on!


2 thoughts on “Another day, another 800 words?

  1. Glad you’re getting closer to settling on a serial fiction idea lol and yay for actually working on the writing stuff almost every day over the last week!

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