What do you do …

… when you find yourself writing in a slightly different style from what you originally used with your novel. I’ve found that I wrote my novel in a rather long hand sorta style, and probably not the tightest either. Now as I’m writing the replacement chapters I need, they are coming out far more bare, somewhat quicker.

Well maybe that’s a good thing. But I’ll need to do more work to get the rest of the novel up to speed. This is version three I’m working on at the moment. Once I’ve written the replacement chapters, I’ll read the whole novel again, see how it flows, and edit again I guess. One step closer to a resubmission.

I am sorta liking the work, but it’s still somewhat arduous. I’m thinking about Popes novel and sorta coasting on Tyson. Which isn’t all that surprising. Tyson doesn’t need any thinking. He just needs writing and editing. I think I’ve got all his shit sorted.

Serial fiction. Should think about it. Ain’t had the time. Still working on the shortlist of ideas. Most of them are fanfic.

And my Super Zeny Writer Fighter is on his second intrepid week. Sure, not with the huge bags of zeny that Cassie has … but he’s doing ok. And, I did manage to almost write every single day last week, or plan. Or something. Keep it up me! At this rate I’ll be able to access the secret levels at the end of this week, but I’m not so sure I want to. Maybe I’ll just open chests. Who wants gems.


One thought on “What do you do …

  1. lol I’m still trying to decide that myself…. gems, chest, gems, chest…. hmmmm.
    I’m coming down with a sickness, so I doubt there will be much overloading of zeny on me this week πŸ˜‰ lol it’s great you’ve been getting stuff done though, I am glad you’re making progress πŸ™‚

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