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Dear god George, just stop!

So after seeing the Clone Wars movie and hearing about the canon new game called the Force Unleashed, I now know how the Jedi felt watching the fall of the Old Republic. But then again, that whole story itself was straining the original movies storylines.

So Darth Vader created the Rebellion to distract the Emperor so he could plot his downfall. And this is canon. What can I say?

The Star Wars universe has plenty of room for great and epic space opera type stories, it just seems a pity that Georgy has to keep setting them during the original series, and that he has to pick so many shitty story ideas. Also, the more I see outside the original three films, the more I realise that I liked that I had to use my brain a bit. The Empire just was. So was the Death Star. It was suspension of disbelief.

George Lucas and me are like an abusive relationship. He keeps hitting me but I know hes a good man … I know he can change. I just keep going back to the theatres to see this crap. Maybe the live action series will make it all better? Yes, it has to.


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