Funny what people find

It’s a perfectly good Saturday, not spent writing of course. Under the new scheme of things this would lose me a life! I am rather pondering writing outside my usual times just to get chests … the simple things it takes to get me writing. Just make it not seem like writing, huh?

Funny what people find when they search for things like Twin Peaks and Silent Hill stories. Namely, my blog. Poor blighters. Well guys, I would write something Silent Hill like, but I’d need a very good psychological mess to be able to do it justice. And as for Twin Peaks, go listen to Wormwood.

Which, by the way, is great, and hitting it’s stride all too well ten or so episodes in. Actually, it hit it about four episodes in, but it really has a good Twin Peaks feel to it.

And hello to David who found my blog, I think, via good old searching!


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