Oh good grief …

The lengths I’ll go to just to make sure I write. This rather crazy idea came up today while I was shelving. I thought to myself firstly, wouldn’t it be cool to somehow reward stupid, dumb, boring crap like editing somehow? Now I reward writing generally by word count. The higher the word count per week, per month, the better.

I think I made something like 160k last year. I’m sitting around 85k for this year, but Nanowrimo might up that total. And it also doesn’t reflect the fact that I’ve been editing a lot this year, working on the novel.

How better to gadge and reward my editing efforts but to create the crazy writing game called Super Zeny Writer, or just Writica in its European/American release. It’s a strange game where you advance levels by writing consecutive weeks, and lose by not writing. It’s designed especially to challenge me in the periods where I’m weak. If I don’t do something writing related during the weekend, I’m going to die!

So how will this crazy game encourage me to write more? With it’s cheap bauble prizes that don’t actually amount to anything? Good question. I have no idea. But I’ve always forced myself to write by rigorous word count totals and quiet guilt trips. Whose to say a strange game like this won’t help too?

Rules in the next post. I should have made a Silent Hill version of the game. Maybe coming up. Ooh yes, firstly the town level, then the school level, etc … lets see how Super Zeny does first.


2 thoughts on “Oh good grief …

  1. LOL I’m looking forward to when this all kicks off, cause you know I’m in. How late exactly did you stay up writing these posts??? lol

  2. Oh Cripes!
    You actually created a detailed set of rules and levels for the game?
    Wow! šŸ™‚
    I didn’t think you’d do it … but here’s to your commitment.

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