Freaking typical

The few days after I finally decide on a design and a name for my blog and I find out that we are moving towns. Well, not too far. Just to that big place outside the tiny town where I live. That place 40 minutes out by car. But moving all the same.

I think I’ll keep the design and the title for now. I think this place has made enough of an impact on me that it’ll stick with me and my writing for a long time.

I haven’t been writing the last little while. Been going through some rather challenging times, and been spending all my free time off out in the sun. Given that, I did that a lot last spring as well, once the sun finally came out without the rain.

As a result though, I’ve been totally unproductive, but really not in the mood. Writing isn’t a thing that should be affected by mood, and actually, burying my head in writing would probably be a good idea around about now. Tyson needs some attention though, and I really need to get him finished.


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