Excuses? Heck.

Look at that. WordPress decides that it wants to excentuate the word excuse, despite the fact I’ve only used it as a keyword on two posts. Horrible. Well, I guess that means I have to talk about other things more often.

Not sure what I’m going to do with todays writing. I’m wanning for my support to get something together for the competition. Unfortunately Cassie almost gave me permission really by saying ‘make sure you tell me if you don’t enter, because then I’ll have an excuse’. I should really have been more prepared for this. One or two weeks out don’t cut it.

I should move straight back to working on Tyson. He needs sorting out. There’s a considerable amount of rewriting there. Perhaps I’ll sketch out the ideas of how to rewrite the ending on him. That’ll take up 30 mins. Despite the fact I had a full hour to write yesterday, I didn’t much like the results.


2 thoughts on “Excuses? Heck.

  1. I hope that the writing and/or planning goes well today.
    And you know, I may still fire something off for the competition even if you don’t – I may not win, but at least I will have tried? right? lol Take care.

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