Class of August

The Class of August is a name I use for a bunch of us wide eyed writers who got together as part of the Huia Writing Workshop in August. It was a truly cool experience, and I certainly do feel somewhat graduated with them after having spent two days locked in a room with them.

So imagine my surprise when I came out from dealing to my hair first thing in the morning before leaving for work to see David Geary on television. David was the person taking the workshop, and another person I was locked in a room with for two days. Rather strange to see him in a suit, after he was so casually dressed in class.

To get back to the point of things, he was on television talking about his piece in the Six Pack Three, which is a collection of short stories to mark New Zealand Book Month. Excellent that he was included, and total congrats David!

Who is the hero? David. What does he want? To get published in the Six Pack Three. When does he first get a chance? Not sure actually, I shall have to ask him about all that …

I’ll most likely go back and talk about the Class of August again at some time, I’m sure. It was the sort of weekend that serves as inspiration for novels. Ah, the Brentwood. The stories you can tell, my seedy friend with the dodgy past.

Oh, and I did get around to writing today, and I’m rather over the piece I’m writing. Not that it matters, finishing it is all that matters. I get an hour or so tomorrow all in a block, so lets hope I can finish.


One thought on “Class of August

  1. Wow people still watch telly. My Mum said I looked “over-dressed”. It was a great day after years of being given stick for being so scruffy.

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